24 S/S Photoshoot

24 S/S Photoshoot

The 'ICY' lineup for the 2024 Spring/Summer season introduces the 'EasyFit', 'Vivid Snapback', 'Puppy', and the 'Suede Snapback'. These products lead the way in setting new fashion trends, each boasting unique designs and innovative materials to offer wearers a wide range of choices.

The 'EasyFit' stands out with its stretchy fabric and distinctive shape, providing both comfort and style. Setting itself apart from traditional baseball caps, this product allows wearers to experience a fresh feel and style.

With its tropical patterns and bold logo point, the 'Vivid Snapback' demands attention, emphasizing wearers' style while delivering striking visual effects.

The 'Puppy' features adorable puppy embroidery patches and unique stitching, adding a touch of nature's beauty and humor to enhance wearers' individuality.

The 'Suede Snapback' features suede visors designed with full patterns. They are adorned with metal logo patches and big logo embroideries. The adjustable bands are made of leather, adding a touch of luxury, and with large eyelets, they provide excellent ventilation.

These products epitomize the dynamic spirit and contemporary style of 'ICY', injecting new energy into everyone's style this season.

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